Moving West Hollywood Forward

It’s the spring of 2024 and we have an exciting day ahead. Today we cut the ribbon to break ground at “WeHo House” the first co-op affordable housing unit in West Hollywood. This was the first item I brought forward with John Heilman after the 2020 election. Thirty-four residents will have the opportunity to have an equity stake in their affordable housing unit. ...

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I’m Ready to Serve

It was the summer of 2010, our city and the world were crawling out of the financial crisis. The BlockParty WeHo had opened the previous October 2009 at the old Different Light Bookstore. The patch over my left eye had just been removed after six months of surgeries. I was learning how to cope with...

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Dear Friends,

It's official!  The California Secretary of State has accepted our nomination for the West Hollywood City Council race on November 3rd, 2020.

There's a lot at stake nationally but I'm worried locally about our neighbors who are losing their apartments or their businesses.

Since day 1 of the pandemic I've been delivering masks to residents to stop community spread.  I want to rebuild our community village and restore the people's voice in city hall.

Please join us, community leaders for West Hollywood. We have an honest campaign for the public good. Please make a donation if you're able. But more important, vote and let your voice be heard.

Thank You,

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Think Local Think Larry


Please join over 100 WeHo residents who believe it is time to move West Hollywood forward.

John Allendorfer ●  Allegra Allison ● John Altschul ● Cynthia Blatt ● Laura Boccaletti ● Geoff Buck ● Bob Burke ● Michael Cautillo ● Mylena Christina ● Jerome Cleary ● Michael Collins ● Carleton Cronin ● Debra D’Amico ● Jon ‘Rock and Roll’ D’amico ● Steven Davis ● Lola Davidson ● Pat Dixon ● Rebecca Dru ● Elyse Eisenberg ● Adam Emarian ● Myra Mikie Friedman ●  Matthew Fritch ● Ralph Gerstenzang ●  Kerrigan Hennings ●  Richard Karliss ●  Leslie Karlis ●  Jon Kolbeck ● Luis Marquez ●  Brian Mazurkiewicz ●  Woody Mcbreairty ●  Ben McCormick ●  Dan Morin ● David Nash ●  Michael Niemeyer ●  Manny Rodriguez ●  Donna Saur ●  Gene Saur ● Jacqui Squatraglia ●  Haviland Stillwell ●  Reed Stillwell ●  Tai Sunnanon ●  Bobby Trendy ● Hayward Wilkerson ●  David Wood ●  Michael Zannella ●  Jonathan Bierner ●  Tracy Benson ● Kyle Bonnici ●  Shaun Bourget ●  Will Bower ●  David Burns ●  Stanley Chapman ●  Mykul Chretien ● Ben Coleman ● Thomas Delorenzo ● Rueben Deutsch ● Jonathan Diersing ● Donald Elmblad ● David Faranoff ● Reed Frago ●  Brian Funagan●  Christopher Garcia ●  Elmore Garlitos ● Kevin Geary ●  James Hieronymus ●  Jim Hoffman ●  Tyler Johnson ●  David Lasky ● Peter Landrouche ● Allison Laurie ●  Elisa Leone ● Tom Liebengood ● Becky Lincoln ● Gian Madrid ● Michael Hodges ●  Joey Molina ● Raymond Moore ● Steven Mullin ●  Katrina Palandri ●  Bob Pranga ●  Steven Mullin ● Corey Powell ●  Joel Ring ● Nicholas Rose ● Jared Alexander Ross ●  Josh Ross ● Betty Sanders ● Shira Podolsky ●  Doug Schlicter ●  Nate Shram ●  Kris Scott Slawosky ● Steven Spreafico ● Renee Sotile ●  Judy Swartz ●  Kenny Tashman ● Nicolas Rose ● Tyler Vitt ● Roman Zhgent ● Craig Zucker

plus non-residents and leading LGBTQ activists:
Ivy Bottini ●  Drian Juarez ●  Robert Gamboa ●  Peter Paige.

Be A Part of Good Change!



Larry Block for West Hollywood City Council 2020